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Venus Flytrap

Dionaea muscipula (Venus Flytrap) , is probably the most widlely recognized carnivorous plant in the world.The flytrap has a very unusual trap,which is a leaf with two lobes,edged with interlocking "teeth".On each of the lobes is a small number of trigger hairs.When these are distrubed,the lobes of the leaf snap together , sealing the insect inside.After trapping , the digestive chemicals enter the insects body, and the fluids a absorbed into the leaf's surface . The hard material of the insect's body are not absorbed,and when the trap opens up several days later,this material is carried away by wind,rain or plucked out by the grower .
Venus Flytraps have received an unfair reputation as difficult to grow.In reality this plant is extremely easy to care for.Venus Flytraps need lots of water (rain , or distilled) and a lot of light,I grow mine outside year round where they get full sun . Never use tap water or feed your plants hamberger meat !


Typical in bloom

D.'Akai Ryu'-Red Dragon

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