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North American Pitcher Plant

Sarracenia are widely varied , and many people are suprised to learn that all species are native to North America , mostly in the southeastern United States . The trap is generally long and tubular , although it can be rather squat ,as in S.purpurea . The trap is rimmed with sweet smelling nectar , which is attractive to sugar feeding insects such as flies . When the insect lands on the pitcher to feed , it is first intoxicated by an narcotic like substance present in the nectar . As it moves about the surface of the pitcher , it encounters an extremely slick , waxy surface just below the rim , and falls in . The narrow pitcher restricts the insects wings , and downward pointing hairs allow the prey to go deeper into the pitcher , but do not allow it to escape . At the bottom of the pitcher is a substance , which could be either primarily water , or a mixture of enzymes depending on the species of the plant , that break down the insects body , and the resulting fluids are absorbed into the plant.

S.purpurea ssp. venosa var. montana

S.leucophylla 'Schnells Ghost'

S.minor Long Co.Georgia

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