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Tropical Pitcher Plant

Nepenthes are a favorite among carnivorous plant growers . They offer beauty , challenge , and an enormous number of species , varieties and hybrids .  Nepenthes form pitchers on the ends of tendrils that grow from the tips of the leaves . The trap mechanism is similar to that of the Sarracenia , in that insects are tempted to alight on the rim of the pitcher , where they encounter a very slick surface , causing them to fall into a bath of water mixed with a wetting agent that renders their wings useless . The insects are then dissolved in the liquid , and the nutrients are absorbed into the walls of the pitcher . Native to tropicals areas of Asia , many species of Nepenthes grow long vines .In the wild they can grow to a height of several meters , the vines climbing up cliffs and trees . Nepenthes often represent a number of challenges . They are more demanding than many other genera of carnivorous plants , being particular about growing conditions . They are not necessarily more difficult,once you get an idea of what they need . Another challenge posed by Nepenthes is that they tend to be more expensive to acquire than other carnivorous plants.

Nepenthes Miranda

Nepenthes hamata
Photo by Steve Swartz

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