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Carnivorous Plants,You Can't Have Just One.


Drosera (Sundew) are beautiful plants,with leaves covered with tiny tentacles.At the tip of each tentacle the plant secretes a drop of a transparent sticky mucilage.The mucilage is one of the sundews most visually appealing parts of the sundew,and is the inspiration for the genus' common name.When illuminated by the sun,the droplets act like tiny prisms,giving the plant an overall glowing effect.Insects are attracted to the liquid,which looks and smells to them like food.Once the insect touches the substance they are trapped.The thick liquid holds the insect in place,while the enzymes begin to break down the soft tissue of the insect's body.The resulting fluids are then absorbed into the plant,providing the nutrients the plant cannot get in it's habitat.Most drosera,especially the tropical varieties,are good plants for first time growers,they are simple to grow and have simple requirements.

D.filiformis ssp.tracyi

D.filiformis ssp. filiformis

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