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Cobra Lily


Darligtonia californica  is a relative of Sarracenia that occurs in the Northwestern US , as far south as northern California . Darlingtonia , like Sarracenia , is an upright pitcher plant . The pitchers radiate from a central rosette , and can grow to a height of 36 inches (just under 1 meter) . The trapping mechanism is slightly different than that of other pitcher plants . The top of the pitcher is bent forward , forming a dramatic structure which resembles a cobra with its hood spread . This is the source of the genus' common name. The resulting chamber at the top of the pitcher is covered with transparent fenestrations . The opening is at the bottom of the hood , from which issues a tongue-like structure, often referred to as "fangs". Insects enter the chamber through the opening , and once inside , the fenestrations provide much more light than the entrance to the trap . When the insect tries to leave , it flies toward the light , which is not the exit . Eventually , the insect falls down the throat of the pitcher , where is is trapped and digested . Darlingtonia is a monotypic genus', meaning that Darligtonia californica  is the only species.


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